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How to prepare for higher studies gre tofel!!

Higher education in overseas university mostly request for TOEFL IELTS AND GRE.
If you are currently doing your 3rd year of your degree then it us the right time to prepare move for fall intake.
Else get an year or 2 of experience in any IT industries because it values more when coming for profile evaluation.

What should I do when pursuing my UG degree.
Try to maintain your cgpa to a decent aggregate. More weightage is given for your cgpa.
Your cgpa for 10 will be converted for 4 points for american education standards.
Maintaining 8+ is more and good for your dream university.
Don't waste time in local conference And journals.
Check for annexure 1 and 2 certified journals and try to keep at least 2 counts. it values a lot when comes for profile weightage.

When should I start prepare ???

Basically there are two terms of intake
Spring - January
Fall - September

For fall intake you must have completed your GRE by the end of sem7.
And the tofel exam must be taken immediately after the gre exam because gre verbal part will be help you in tofel exam.
Application dead line will be around may month for fall and for spring it will be around Nov
For spring you got more time after you complete your 8th semester.

How to prepare? Should I go to some classes?? Which institute is good??

Say big no to them!!

Buy the 5lb Manhattan gre prep!! Book it cost around 1200. It covers both verbal and math completely.

Finish all the chapter over there. I can assure you 300+ for sure if you go through that book alone.

For getting better score have access to some of the online contents which has all books in PDF formats 
Here is the link:

Gre content 1
Gre content 2
Gre tofel ielts

What is cancer!! how can we prevent it

Cancer is cell which is similar to the other cells like WBC or RBC. Usually they start accumulated in a place as a lump and start multiplying. Later it start killing our functional system indirectly and totally making the part use less.
In a life time everyone will get these cancer cells around 6-8 times in their life time. Our body immune system fights against it and kills it from preventing it from forming tumors.

The stage when our body cannot resist its growth then starts showing up out in the form of pain,lump which is usually pain less (check with a general physician immediately), loss of appetite.

It is most prevalent in India for men in mouth cause of tobacco(ORAL CANCER) , Stomach cancer ( skipping breakfast, un-timed food intake, acidity), Liver cancer ( Alcohol), prostate cancer. For women, Breast cancer has turned very common (Examine for lumps periodically, can be cured easily at initial stage), ovaries cancer ( Go for treatment if your age between is 25-35  or if  you have children's removal of ovaries is done- safe). Apart from this men and women both suffer from many other types also.
How it can be treated - traditional method
Cancer are identified in four stages based on the area affected and size of the tumor.
Stage 1 and 2-
Initial diagnosis is done and them chemotherapy treatment is given. The treatment involves with the following drugs CHOP. Cisplatin. Cyclophosphamide. Doxorubicin. Ifosfamide. Prednisolone. Vincristine.
use of chemotherapy is to kill the cancer cells.
Treatment course goes for a minimum of 1 month (weekly one) based on the size of the tumor. There are many side effects and the most common one is - apart from killing the tumor cells it also kills the healthier cells  which cause damage to heart,liver, kidnet etc
1. shedding of hair. this is because your body immune system cannot supply the necessary energy needed for the hair to withstand.
2. Pain in the affected area.
3 nervous system weakness  coz of continuous trips of the medication
After the chemo is done radiation therapy is done. A mask will be done to cover the non affected parts and loop entrance for the radiation is made through which the rays enters and targets the tumor.
For each patient a profile is made with the co ordinate positions which are given to the system which shoots the rays.
What is does?
These rays actually helps in means of not making the tumor to grow anymore.
Side effects - again pain, skin irritation, tired, loss of appetite

By the end of the treatment the tumor size is reduced.
It is not completely removed however continuous chemo and radiation results in mutation. which makes the body immune system to weak and get infections and other spreadable  diseases easily.




Here is goes Indian ancestors  are intelligent and the best doctors who have given us the best way of living. If we people follow this definitely we can prevent this.

Things to be corrected:
 cancer cannot withstand oxygenated area so respiring fresh Oxygen helps us easily to live a better life. It is now called as oxygen theraphy

Control your mind body heart anger have peace in mind, do yoga asanas regularly

Take some supplements to build up the immune system  like IP6, Flor-ssence, Essiac, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, EFAs etc. to build and fight with the affected cells

Cancer cell walls have a tough protein covering. By refraining from meat it frees more enzymes to attack the protein walls of cancer cells and allows the body's killer cells to destroy the cancer cells. 

Meat protein is difficult to digest and requires a lot of digestive enzymes. Undigested meat remaining in the intestines becomes putrefied and leads to more toxic buildup.  

Stop taking artificial sweeteners coz it has Aspartame it is more harmful. (use honey )

Stop using aluminum vessels for cooking. it has been found it is one of the most dangerous reason for cancer.

cancer cells are said to burnt under 40-50degree C ,  regular exercise make our self strive against it

add more fresh vegetables fruits, beans , sprouts, grains, reduce rice and oil items and fast food items. coz it produces more of enzymes which help us to nourish our immune system.
Reduce the intake of milk because it causes to produce mucus, it feeds the cancer make them healthier.

Smart electronic deadly gadgets

Such a hectic situation in the current scenario where people get updated to the new devices from the old one without even thinking about the what is will happen to the old one and how the new one will perform.
Mi- xiomi one of the fast growing smartphone brand which has placed his milestone in the market by the flagship phone mi4. Released into the market by the year 2015 February.

Initially the os which is used in it is miui which was over used the processor later optimization of their os made the heating problem to go down.

It was such a pleasure using mi4 that too for tat price range. Under 20000 category my vote for the best spec phone is this. 

Coming back to the idea of this article, yes I came across many service center growing around in major cities in India.
I was amazed by the number of entries per day for shattered mi devices. I was literally thinking how mi could pay them for doing this later I enquired them and they said that brutal truth  behind this.

In my device I made a very small crack near the speaker (top) suddenly the bottom navigation stopped working.
I took my phone to the service center they there is no option if some thing happens to screen you need to replace it
By paying, warranty is not covered for this physical damage. Okay fine, mi 4 device rate is 15k. But the display what they quoted is 9k.. Ufffff.

I told them my touch is working fine please open it. The bottom navigation connector would have got loosed try repairing it. Later I accepted to replace it. Durning the delivery they gave me the broken piece. It was completely fine there no relationship between touch and the bottom navigation. I took that from panel to one of the nearby local mobile mechanic and he mentioned this.. :(
If they had tried repairing it they could have done this repair saving 9k.
Is this what a service center has to be?
This doesn't applies only to mi, it is applicable for all smart phone companies.

So people think twice before you make a purchase. And damages will happen to the devices how ever safe you handle it.
But think trillion times before you step in to an service station!!

Terrace garden

Staying home for the past 3months and the reason for many deadly disease for the past 2decaded and mainly the movie
Which was released called 36vayadhinilae casted jothika as lead role play which is a remake of Kerala block buster movie.

Following continuously and researching about home grown vegies!! I decided to grow my own vegetable's.

After tirelessly searching were I can get the kit for terrace garden in chennai, I enquired in tamilnadu horticulture center anna nagar. Where I got the contact of Mr.Manoj -9841078990
Got my kit for Rs.3500
Which contains 12 bags with coco peat and all needed seeds with bio boost -2
Bio rakshasa - 2 and panchakaviya -2 no's.
After 15days of plating my seeds here it goes my own lovely Terrance garden!!!

Initial day 1
Aftr 15days
Germination stage- pepe photography

cloud omputing basic

people are now very eager to learn new technology when we travel in the same road of learning some technology we have come across the term cloud computing.
yes cloud as become the basic key word in current scenario because of its key functionality any where, any time and any thing for minimized cost.
what is cloud computing?
well to define a cloud, so far we couldn't  find a good definition. To precise the over all structure we have a definition and it is...
It is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient on- demand network access to a shared pool of resources that can be provided with rapid elasticity released with management effort. eg :- server, storage  
 Remote access to the IT environment of scalable resources made the cloud more demanding and needy.
 cloud has 3 basic infrastructure in it where they are given as individual services to users. 

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Platform as a service (PaaS)

Software as a service (SaaS)

Virtualization Technology

Virtualization is the process of converting a physical IT resource into a virtual IT resource.
Most types of IT resources can be virtualized, including:
  • Servers - A physical server can be abstracted into a virtual server.
  • Storage - A physical storage device can be abstracted into a virtual storage device or a virtual disk.
  • Network - Physical routers and switches can be abstracted into logical network fabrics, such as VLANs.
  • Power - A physical UPS and power distribution units can be abstracted into what are commonly referred to as virtual UPSs.





ChoiceApp ver.1.0

Making decisions from choices to meet a goal has never been an easy task to do by ourselves.Human brain tends to be caught between dilemma whenever one tries to make a choice regarding anything.Have you ever wondered how great it would be if there was someone to make a decision for you,well nobody ain't there for that.So here is ChoiceApp that is built specifically for this purpose.Whatever choices you want to make like "changing careers","choosing a restaurant","selecting a mobile" and what not,ChoiceApp is there to make a decision for you while you are at ease without complicating about it.It also lifts one's spirit by providing inspirational quotes based on the choice that is made. So what are you waiting for,ChoiceApp is here,download it and change the way you make decisions!!!

Make choices using a dynamic algorithm that works in the background.
Contains handpicked quotes said by great figures
Has a simple and a pellucid user interface.
Check your luck and get quotes related to your luckiness.
Also has quote for the day section.
Ad less,free and also uses immersion haptics.


Developers Word:
We the Techrex team created our  first Android App.Hope you all like this one.We would like to hear your valuable comments,and we will look forward to implement your suggestions in the oncoming updates.Your five star ratings will help us to keep the updates coming.

© 2014."ChoiceApp"  is a registered trademark owned by Techrex group.ChoiceApp developed by Techrex Group.All rights reserved.

(dandruff) psoriasis treatment Only cure is Siddha

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic, hereditary, noncontagious skin disorder characterized by scaling and inflammation that can develop on virtually any part of the body, even the nails and scalp. There are five main types of psoriasis (plaque, pustular, erythrodermic, guttate or inverse) with varying symptoms and levels of severity ranging from mild to severe. The level of severity is determined by the amount of coverage of the patient’s body and how it affects their quality of life. A dermatologist can help you determine what type of psoriasis you have. (src-davlin)

yes, we are finally into medical field. The most common problem faced by the young generation is hair fall and  dandruff  and it  may further turn in to psoriasis in future.
not just the young but for all ages rages those who have high stress are used hav dandruff..

  1. stress
  2. less intake of water
  3. no physical exercise
  4. short period of sleep
  5.  heridity 
  6. no proper hair wash
  7. wrong shampoo

All sort of english medicine are still saying that  medicine that are available are used only to control it, not to cure it.
 but indian siddha medicine has a cure for it. 
what siddha says??
its natural problem among young generation they make face lot of itching and scales on their scalp which is completly curable 
 rules to follow:
1. please avoid chicken if you are yet to have siddha medicine and its a general advice to all people whosuffer from psoriasis, if you have chicken in your diet you may face more scales and itching.
2. no oil food items
3. avoid brinjal in your diet can have fish and country chicken avoid broiler chicken

if you are in need to take treatment for psoriasis please consult a siddha docter in spite of spending too much money in english medicines   
                SIDDHA CLINIC- 9444903533,9551241625

Apple Vs. Samsung pattern War So Far...!!!

 (Source :Net)

Apple Vs. Samsung: Apple Wins Battle But Losing War?
A jury finds Samsung guilty of infringing Apple's patents, but Apple's courtroom victories aren't slowing Android's smartphone market success.

Microsoft Office For iPad: 7 Questions Answered
(Click image for larger view and slideshow.)
Apple scored another win from a California jury late Friday afternoon. The jury ruled mostly in Apple's favor, agreeing that Samsung violated some of Apple's patents and owes the iPhone maker damages. The amount awarded, however, was less than 5% of what Apple wanted. Further, Apple was found to have violated one of Samsung's patents. Apple's "holy war" against Android has scored victories in individual skirmishes, but the larger campaign is going nowhere.

The trial, held in San Jose during April and presided over by US District Court Judge Lucy Koh, went to the jury just last week. Where the first trial, held in 2012, focused mostly on hardware, this trial focused on software and individual features of the iOS and Android operating systems. The members of the jury spent three and a half days deliberating the case before coming to a decision.

Apple alleged Samsung had violated four patents. The jury saw differently, convicting Samsung of violating two patents: data tapping (making calls from within an email) and auto-complete. Judge Koh had found Samsung guilty of violating Apple's slide-to-unlock patent earlier in the trial. The jury cleared Samsung of violating a patent related to Siri and another related to data synchronization.

[Samsung turns to software development as its competition against Apple and Google heats up. Read Samsung's Next Frontier: Apps.]

The jury awarded Apple $119.6 million in damages for the data-tapping and slide-to-unlock patents, but it didn't award any damages for the auto-complete patent. Koh ordered the jury to reassess the auto-complete damages, saying that Apple is due some sort of award for the violation. The jury reconvenes Monday to deliberate on a dollar amount. Whatever amount the jury agrees on will likely not come close to the $2.2 billion Apple believed it was owed. The $119.6 million awarded by the jury is peanuts in comparison, and it might not even cover the expense of the trial itself. Most importantly, Apple was unsuccessful in preventing Samsung from selling the infringing devices in the US.

Samsung managed to score a minor victory itself during the trial. It had alleged that Apple was violating two of its patents. The jury agreed on one count and awarded Samsung $158,000.

Apple was awarded $930 million in the 2012 trial. With the two verdicts combined, Samsung might owe Apple more than $1.05 billion. That's a huge chunk of change, no doubt, but Samsung is still free to sell the infringing devices in the US and other markets. Android, the operating system on Samsung's devices, has made incredible strides in conquering the worldwide smartphone market. Globally, Android is on 78% of smartphones. Android debuted about 15 months after Apple's first iPhone and surpassed it quickly, thanks to support from dozens of manufacturers that have churned out wave after wave of impressive devices.

Meanwhile, Apple has done little more than to iterate on the iPhone over the last few years. It still sells tens of millions of iPhones each quarter, but it has also continued to lose market share as Android and its supporters have out-innovated Apple in recent quarters. Apple has consistently stated that it doesn't want to sell the most devices; it wants to sell the best devices.

Apple has court cases pending against Samsung and other smartphone makers in countries around the world. It may have technically beat Samsung in the US last week, but the small damages awarded are clearly more of a win for Samsung than for Apple. Apple might do well to pause and reassess just how effective its anti-Android campaign has been and what priorities it should be moving forward

iPad Air And iPad Mini 2 First Look

The release of the new iPad Air, along with a price increase for a new Mini model.     When Apple came out with a  iPad mini last year, the original ipad  suddenly seemed to be  heavy and bulky. The iPad Mini fit more easily in pockets, bags and hands. It was also cheaper than the full-size version.

The new iPad air at just 1 pound, the Air is 28% lighter than last ipad model and just a quarter pound heavier than the new Mini. The starting price remains at $499. The size of the screen is the same as  9.7 inches diagonally. On the whole the volume is reduced by 24%.

To make the iPad Air 20% thinner, Apple worked on every layers size: the front glass, the touch sensor, the display, the battery and the aluminum back. Apple says it kept the device durable without unnecessary materials. It's not until you hold the old and the new side by side that you feel and appreciate the difference.

 Configuration of the all new iPad Air:
  • It includes  A7 processing chip which is found in the new iPhone 5S. Apple says it's twice as fast as last fall's model.
  • The iPad Air also comes with a companion M7 processor, which improves battery life for motion-related sensor data. The A7 processor uses a 64-bit system similar to desktops.
  •  This makes the Air great for games and apps.
  • Two Wi-Fi antennas work to deliver up to twice the speed.
  •  iPad Air adds a microphone on the back, while keeping the one on top.
  • Cellular versions, offered for $130 more, work with a greater number of 4G LTE frequency bands.

There is a 24% reduction in battery capacity to get the iPad slimmer, but Apple says it's able to keep battery life the same at about 10 hours for Wi-Fi web surfing. That's because the A7 is more efficient at using power.

Disappointed of ipad air is that there is no finger print scanner which is used in iPhone 5S. The Air also doesn't have the iPhone 5S's improved rear camera or the various camera features that can shoot slow-motion video and take up to 10 photos per second.

iPad Mini: The new display is just amazing. Text appears the way it would on paper, not dull and fuzzy as can be the case on lower-resolution screens. A7 and M7 processors, the dual Wi-Fi antennas and the two microphoneswhich are available in iPad Air remains same in the Mini at 7.9-inch screen.

The new iPad Mini costs $399, or the same as the 2011 iPad 2. That means you have to choose either a better display or a larger size at that price. Or you can pay $499, or $100 more, for both the decent display and the larger size found in the Air. (For so-so display and a smaller size, you can get the original Mini for $299, down from the $329 when it first came out.)

Amazon's new full-size Kindle Fire HDX is even lighter than the iPad Air, though it's also slightly smaller, at 8.9 inches rather than 9.7 inches. Samsung has a 10-inch Galaxy Note tablet that comes with a stylus.

What the iPad offers is an unmatched selection of apps, particularly those optimized to take advantage of the tablet's larger screen. Most Android phone apps do work on tablets, but content is often merely blown up. In addition, many leading apps are offered on Apple devices first, and some never make it to Android at all.

You do pay more for an iPad than most of its rivals, but you get better app selection, ease of use and, with the new Air, an elegant design.

Micromax to launch Windows phone on early 2014.


 Micromax co-founder Rahul sharma , the Economic Times of India has revealed that the company, who is more successful that Nokia in India, is looking to release a Windows Phone next year.

Global market intelligence firm, IDC previously noted that the Indian smartphone market tripled its shipments year-over-year in the second quarter of this year. The same quarter also saw more than 50 per cent growth over Q1 2013. It's a lucrative market, which Nokia is already in the process of tapping into with the Lumia 520 proving to be the most popular Windows Phone in India, according to previousAdDuplex reports.
Rahul Sharma told ET that the company was working on a Windows Phone right now for release in the middle of 2014.
The company, which had 22% of India’s smartphone market in Q2 2013, compared to Nokia’s 5%, is looking to expand to Russia and from there into Eastern Europe, and eventually UK and USA. He noted than in UK 50% of phones are now sold unlocked.

Even though Microsoft will be incorporating Nokia into the Redmond beast, Micromax still views Windows Phone as a growing platform with potential even for emerging vendors. It'll be interesting to see how Micromax attempts to differentiate itself from Nokia and other Windows Phone OEM partners. More "phablets" running Microsoft's mobile OS? We certainly wouldn't turn any down.

Micromax was also working on LTE handsets and planned to sell 50 million handsets in 2014.

Google’s Nexus 5, Android 4.4 KitKat launch delayed

Google's launch of the Nexus 5 smartphone and Android 4.4 KitKat mobile operating system has been delayed by a month.

KitKat's Twitter account posted  that both theNexus 5 and Kitkat would be launched on October 28.       It is expected that Google will unleash in November, instead of October 28 as planned earlier, according to a report by Phones Review website.   The delay could have been caused due to LG's curved smartphone G Flex, which  runs on the latest Android OS. Report proposed that google will continuously work Moto X for android 4.4 KitKat                                   
But there is no official news from Google or LG on the issue.



Nexus 5 smartphone, code named Hammerhead would  have the following features 

 1. 2.3GHz Quad-core processor complemented by an Adreno 330 graphics processor.
 2. Its 5-inch display will have 1920x1080p resolution, with on-screen resolution being 1794x1080p.
 3. 13 MP rear camera
 4.  2GB RAM. 

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