Combining many vcards into a single vcard

Contacts which are basically very important to our life and finally here is a easy way to combine many contacts into a single vcard file
  basically the backup of our phone with contacts or to copy  our contact from one device to another device we  use “Vcard” feature so that we can have backup of our contacts as (.vcf files)  .If we want to import over 500 contacts from a mobile or from outlook into gmail Contacts, we need to combine .vcf files into single vcf files.Now a days almost  all mobiles are developed with vcard as default  feature.

If you want to import  contact(500) into my Gmail account but.there multi-select feature is not available in  import section. you can sort the contacts and combine them in to a single file and then we can import into gmail account  
Steps to combine many contacts to a single file (Single .vcf file)
Step 1: First Copy all your vcf files into one Folder in a directory.

Step 2: Open Windows command prompt or  then type “CMD” DDn run  to open command prompt and move to the destination folder where all your contact files are stored (cmd command: CD YOUR PATH ).
Ex: you have copied your vcf files in folder named “contacts” then in command prompt type in “D” drive

                                cd contatcs

Step 3: Enter the following DOS command: copy *.vcf all.vcf

Step 4: Now you will get all your .vcf files merged into single .vcf file, Import the single .vcf file. This single vCard file will also work on your Google account

video available in youtube: