BIT DEFENDER ANTIVIRUS x32 bit and x64 bit

What are included in this torrent ?
1] BitDefender 2013 Uninstaller
2] BitDefender Total Security 2013 32Bit
3] BitDefender Total Security 2013 64Bit
4] BitDefender 2012/2013 Lifetime Activator
5] BitDefender 2013 Lifetime Activation Video Tutorial (MP4)
6] BitDefender 2013 Install Instructions (README.TXT)

How to install BitDefender and activate it using LifeTime Activator?
1] README.TXT included in torrent
2] BitDefender 2013 Lifetime Activation Video Tutorial (MP4) Included in torrent

My Antivirus reported Activator (FIX) as virus !!!
PLEASE READ README.TXT clearly for More Details regarding this
Its a false positive, as activator will make changes in the core of the application, it will be reported as a virus. Please use activator only if you understand the risk...

The same Activator (FIX) can be used to activate BitDefender 2012 Products ?
Yes, The same activator can be used to activate any BitDefender 2012 or 2013 products

Can I automatically update BitDefender 2013 after Activating using this LifeTime Activator ?
Yes, you can update... Tested (for Sure / 100%)

Can I undo Activation ?
Yes, you can...

Where is LifeTime Activator
its in the folder FIX and the file name is "LBA_2.0BETA5.rar"

How to get License more than one year using LifeTime Activator ?
When your running LifeTime Activator in "Safemode with network", on activator window at top right click on SETTINGS
in settings you can change License for number of years (where by default it will set to one year)

Can't play video tutorial given in torrent !!!

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