iPhone ‘5C’ (Low-cost model)

Low-cost iPhone ‘5C’
  • Made substantially from plastic 
  • A cross between an iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod touch and iPod classic
  • 4” screen Back similar to fifth-gen iPod 
  • touch Shape similar to iPod classic
  • the iPhone "5C", may come equipped with the same 8-megapixel sapphire crystal-covered camera found in the iPhone 5
The Apple rumor mill has been predicting a "low-cost iPhone" for so long that it's tempting to dismiss new whispers immediately. Like the fabled Apple television et, it has so far been talked up mostly by analysts and rumor sites filling time between actual product announcements.
We don't know anything about Apple's future iPhone plans, and it is the company's wont to maintain radio silence on future products until it's actually up on stage rattling off the new product's features. That said, a new kind of iPhone made specifically to address more price-sensitive markets—the markets that the iPhone 4 and 4S address currently—actually doesn't sound all that ridiculous these days. Apple's current strategy of selling flagship models from previous years at a discount isn't particularly well-suited to a competitive landscape where the company's competitors spit out a new phone every few weeks. We don't yet know that this "low-cost iPhone" is real, but here's why it would make sense to produce one and what it might look like.

This model might compete with—and possibly even replace—the $299 fifth-generation iPod touch, sales of which appear to be on the decline. Alternately, Apple could drop the iPod touch entry price to $199 and keep it around as a slightly more powerful model.
A cheap iPhone needs to be able to challenge the cost effective Android and Windows Phone handsets which are currently populating the bottom end of the market, so really we'd like to see it rock up somewhere in the region of £200/$310/AU$300).