9 Reasons Why Windows Phone 8 is Better Than Android 4.4

9 Reasons Why Windows Phone 8 is Better Than Android

Advantages of windows phone 8
  1. Here maps which provides free offline turn by turn navigation 
  2. "tellme" voice assistant can be used without a data connection
  3.  Fluid and responsive even on low end devices.
  4. Windows phone update lifecycle for 36 months from device launch ,which means you will have the latest software for 3 years. 
  5. Microsoft Mobile Office tools
  6. better battery life
  7. Stability
  8. Zune is a native Client (like itunes for apple)
  9. Snappier Keyboard
Disadvantage  of Windows phone 8:


1.No system wide file manager

2.No seperate volume control for media and ringtone

3.No notification center

4.No quick settings (wifi,bluetooth,airplane mode etc)

5.No lockscreen shortcuts.

6.Very less apps in compared to android but all popular apps are available ..if not a better alternative is available

Our suggestion :

For professionals  who  use to check their mails often and use office suit and use apps rarely   are advised  to go with windows

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