How to prepare for higher studies gre tofel!!

Higher education in overseas university mostly request for TOEFL IELTS AND GRE.
If you are currently doing your 3rd year of your degree then it us the right time to prepare move for fall intake.
Else get an year or 2 of experience in any IT industries because it values more when coming for profile evaluation.

What should I do when pursuing my UG degree.
Try to maintain your cgpa to a decent aggregate. More weightage is given for your cgpa.
Your cgpa for 10 will be converted for 4 points for american education standards.
Maintaining 8+ is more and good for your dream university.
Don't waste time in local conference And journals.
Check for annexure 1 and 2 certified journals and try to keep at least 2 counts. it values a lot when comes for profile weightage.

When should I start prepare ???

Basically there are two terms of intake
Spring - January
Fall - September

For fall intake you must have completed your GRE by the end of sem7.
And the tofel exam must be taken immediately after the gre exam because gre verbal part will be help you in tofel exam.
Application dead line will be around may month for fall and for spring it will be around Nov
For spring you got more time after you complete your 8th semester.

How to prepare? Should I go to some classes?? Which institute is good??

Say big no to them!!

Buy the 5lb Manhattan gre prep!! Book it cost around 1200. It covers both verbal and math completely.

Finish all the chapter over there. I can assure you 300+ for sure if you go through that book alone.

For getting better score have access to some of the online contents which has all books in PDF formats 
Here is the link:

Gre content 1
Gre content 2
Gre tofel ielts

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