Smart electronic deadly gadgets

Such a hectic situation in the current scenario where people get updated to the new devices from the old one without even thinking about the what is will happen to the old one and how the new one will perform.
Mi- xiomi one of the fast growing smartphone brand which has placed his milestone in the market by the flagship phone mi4. Released into the market by the year 2015 February.

Initially the os which is used in it is miui which was over used the processor later optimization of their os made the heating problem to go down.

It was such a pleasure using mi4 that too for tat price range. Under 20000 category my vote for the best spec phone is this. 

Coming back to the idea of this article, yes I came across many service center growing around in major cities in India.
I was amazed by the number of entries per day for shattered mi devices. I was literally thinking how mi could pay them for doing this later I enquired them and they said that brutal truth  behind this.

In my device I made a very small crack near the speaker (top) suddenly the bottom navigation stopped working.
I took my phone to the service center they there is no option if some thing happens to screen you need to replace it
By paying, warranty is not covered for this physical damage. Okay fine, mi 4 device rate is 15k. But the display what they quoted is 9k.. Ufffff.

I told them my touch is working fine please open it. The bottom navigation connector would have got loosed try repairing it. Later I accepted to replace it. Durning the delivery they gave me the broken piece. It was completely fine there no relationship between touch and the bottom navigation. I took that from panel to one of the nearby local mobile mechanic and he mentioned this.. :(
If they had tried repairing it they could have done this repair saving 9k.
Is this what a service center has to be?
This doesn't applies only to mi, it is applicable for all smart phone companies.

So people think twice before you make a purchase. And damages will happen to the devices how ever safe you handle it.
But think trillion times before you step in to an service station!!

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