Terrace garden

Staying home for the past 3months and the reason for many deadly disease for the past 2decaded and mainly the movie
Which was released called 36vayadhinilae casted jothika as lead role play which is a remake of Kerala block buster movie.

Following continuously and researching about home grown vegies!! I decided to grow my own vegetable's.

After tirelessly searching were I can get the kit for terrace garden in chennai, I enquired in tamilnadu horticulture center anna nagar. Where I got the contact of Mr.Manoj -9841078990
Got my kit for Rs.3500
Which contains 12 bags with coco peat and all needed seeds with bio boost -2
Bio rakshasa - 2 and panchakaviya -2 no's.
After 15days of plating my seeds here it goes my own lovely Terrance garden!!!

Initial day 1
Aftr 15days
Germination stage- pepe photography

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